Happy Friday Kitchen – Oxford

Happy Friday Kitchen

So last week we had a family lunch out at Happy Friday Kitchen. Ever since they opened I wanted to go and boy I’m glad we did.

The restaurant is nice and relaxed. Buddha the dog was milling around and even did the old cliche of barking at the postman!

The menu is fantastic. So many things I wanted to have but in the end I settled on the Buffalo Cauliflower and the Mac Daddy Burger with loaded fries. Guinevere had the kids Margarita pizza and Phil had the Wurst Behaviour Pizza. We all had a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream which was delicious! For pudding we had Oreo cheesecake and Cookie Doughballs.

So everything was absolutely delicious but my absolute faves were the loaded fries, buffalo cauliflower oh the the cookie dough balls…………….my god they were phenomenal. I can’t stop thinking about them.


Service was great, loved the little touches like having reusable straws and their fizzy drinks were from Karma Cola.

We also took a slice of Biscoff cake and cookie dough cake home for a Friday night treat – amazing.

Seriously you need to try this place – vegan or not. I know they have an outside area too and have cocktails in the evening -I’ll be trying them next!

Happy Friday Kitchen is based on the Cowley Road in Oxford. Follow their Instagram @happyfridaykitchen for serious foodporn.


4 Month Baby and Postpartum Update {VIDEO}

Time for Orson’s 4 month baby update and my 4 month postpartum update.

Let’s Try This Again

You may think this is a brand new blog. Seeing as this is my “first” post – but you’d be wrong. I started this blog probably 4 years ago. Had lots of posts – recipes, pregnancy and baby updates from my first baby, general life stuff etc. Then sometime while I was getting ready to push a person out of me my blog got hacked and and totally screwed. There was nothing we could do to repair it. I had an IT guy try and sort it but we had to start again. I lost everything. I thought I had all the back up stuff in place – it wasn’t….

One thing I’m really sad about is when my daughter Guinevere was born I wrote her a letter every month for the first year. If I could get anything back – I would chose them.

Anyway what’s done is done and it’s a nice opportunity for a fresh start. So I’ll do a little intro post.

My name is Jess – I’m 34 and live in Oxfordshire, England with my partner of 10 years Phil our 3.5 year old daughter Guinevere and our 4 month old son Orson. We also share our home with Betty our crazy dog, Daisy & Molly the cats and Rosie the rabbit.

I’ve worked for myself since 2011 – mainly in freelance marketing/social media/virtual assistance.

I’ve been vegan since 2010 and I love food – currently trying to shift a load of weight via Slimming World.

I’m a massive geek. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and Tolkien. Love Star Wars. Anything to do with Fantasy. I play DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) – currently a level 14 Elf Ranger for those who are interested. I’ve always been a gamer (mainly RPG) but with little kids I do not get anytime to play for now. I’m massively creative and love drawing, painting, sewing, knitting etc.

On this blog I plan to share mum life (the ups and downs), recipes, DIYs, geek stuff, weightloss journey. I also have a YouTube channel which I’d love you to subscribe to HERE.

Guinevere and Orson

Lots of love