Dear Guinevere {2 Years}

Dear Guinevere,

Today we celebrate your 2nd Birthday. I feel like the luckiest Mama in the whole world. You light up my world.  This last year has been so amazing – watching you grow and develop. Your personality shines through. An independent, determined and vibrant soul. Every day you make me smile.

Guinevere Collage 1

You love dancing and doing gymnastics – you are incredibly nimble! You would eat chocolate banana bread for every meal if I let you. You love reading and constantly want someone to read one with you. You and Betty dog are “as thick as thieves” and I can’t wait to see you grow up together.

You love doing any thing creative – drawing, painting and crafts – you get that from me. You also love being outside and playing in nature. This year we are going to do lots more fun things. Your talking is incredible and I can’t get over how much you can say. I can’t wait to have lots of little conversations with you.

I won’t lie – some days are hard… really hard. Some days it feels like I might go crazy over the contact battles over mealtimes, the constant noise of toddler toys playing their annoying songs and feeling like I never get enough done. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Those tough days are massively outweighed by the love, laughter and fun.  You definitely know your own mind and with that comes tantrums and mischief! However I remind myself that this shows how you are developing and being an independent, strong woman is great! You can achieve anything that you want to. Always remember that.

Strong willed children

Your Daddy and I love you more than you will ever know and this year we are going to do lots of amazing things together.

Here is your 2 year video montage <3

All my love

Mummy xxx



Dear Guinevere {1 Year}

Dear Guinevere,

A year ago today (at 16:51) my life changed forever. That single moment in time when you came into the world is ingrained into my memory. It will always bring tears to my eyes. You were 6lb 6oz of beautiful and perfect loveliness. Nothing prepares you for that moment. No matter how much you think you have bonded during pregnancy and the feelings you think you will have – it’s a million times more. I was filled with love.

Guinevere 12 months

Those first 2 weeks at home – just the three of us was perfect. Spending time getting to know you and you getting to know us. There were a lot of things we had to learn… and fast! I read all the baby books, googled everything and then at some point you realise you just need to relax. We spent the days cuddling and watching you with awe.

The first day your Daddy went back to work was so scary. I was supposed to look after you all on my own! I hadn’t trained for this. But we found our way and got ourselves into a routine. Each day has something new and now you are 1 there are so many fun things we do together.

We had some challenges breastfeeding. To be honest it broke my heart. I mourned the fact that I couldn’t breastfeed you properly. We did manage 6 months of breast milk with me pumping. That was hard work. Constantly connected to a breast pump. We did it though and I’m so glad I did it.

How different you are now from a year ago. You no longer spend your days sleeping but you are so busy rushing around, discovering new things, playing with Betty and chasing after me. No more tiny baby sounds but full on laughs and shouts. You are not far off walking either. I can’t wait!

I fantasise about the things we will do over the years. I saw the below image on from A Mom’s Life Uncut and it totally sums up how I feel. I’m excited for all the things we will do when you grow up but at the same time I don’t want you to stop being my baby girl.

Mom Quote

We have both grown so much this past year. You have been learning new skills and developing into a little person. I have been learning to be a Mama. Some days I do great and some days I don’t. It’s a constant learning curve. As soon as I think I have it figured out – something else changes. I’m not the perfect Mummy but I will always protect you, teach you and love you more than anyone could ever love something.

I can’t really think of our life before you. It seems like it isn’t real. That you have always been here with me. You made us complete. Seeing you with your Daddy makes my heart burst. I love the way he loves you and the way you love him. Your face lights up when he comes home.

You are the most smiley and happy girl I know. You light up a room. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you do with your life. Always follow your dreams. Surround yourself with lovely people and always be kind and compassionate. They are the most important things.

So we made it through our first year. A wonderful year. I can’t wait for the next and the next…

Because of you, my heart sings with joy.

Because of you, my life is complete.

Because of you, I have grown so much as a person.

Because of you, I really know what unconditional love is.

Thank you for the lessons, the love and the laughter.

Happy 1st Birthday my gorgeous girl.

I love you more than anything.

Here is a montage of your 1st Year



First birthday cake smash

Dear Guinevere {11 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

Happy 11 Months! I can’t believe we are almost at your 1st Birthday! This month we are busy preparing for Christmas. Daddy and I can’t wait to spend our Christmas with you and creating new traditions and carrying on some old ones. You love looking at the Christmas tree and all the decorations.

Dear Guinevere 11 Months

You are now pulling up and standing all the time. You look pleased as punch when you stand. Today you let go briefly and stood on your own.

This month we had my beautiful Goddaughters christening. Santa was there…. it didn’t go down well!

Dear Guinevere 11 Months


We also took some fun family holiday photos…

Christmas 2015 Collage

Teething has been horrid for you this past week. You seem to have 3-4 coming through at the same time. I’ll be glad when it’s over!

Baby is a new word for you this month and strawberries are a new favourite food.

You are my most treasured thing in this world. Each morning when we wake I look forward to what new things you will do or discover.

I love you my darling.


Mummy xx


Dear Guinevere {10 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

Happy 10 Months!

Guinevere 10 Months


You are crawling around everywhere now. Like a little speedy gonzales! You say a few words now: Mumma, Dadda, Daisy, Betty, Nanna and yum.

You love playing with Betty – she makes you laugh so much.

We went to your first fireworks display which was fun.


You love playing in your playpen with cousin Ayrton.


Spinach pasta is still your favourite food. Your favourite things to watch are Baby Jake, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Pim and Pimba.

You dressed up as a Pumpkin for Halloween.

Guinevere Pumpkin

You came to a CPR class with Mummy and got involved.

Guinevere CPR


I’m so excited that Christmas is coming up. It’s going to be been even more special now that we have you to share it with. We can carry on old traditions and start our own new ones.


I love you my darling.

Mummy xxx


Dear Guinevere {9 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

9 months old today! We’ve had such an eventful month so far.

Dear Guinevere 9 Months

We moved house 2 weeks ago and I’m so glad we are in! The actual move day was pretty stressful. You did not want to be put down at all. Plus I didn’t really have any toys or your walker to try and keep you occupied. Luckily Nanny came over for a couple of hours so I could get a few things unpacked. We still have a lot of unpacking to do but I can tell we are going to be very happy in this house.

We also had your Christening. It was so lovely and you had lots of special people there, including Auntie Kathy from America.





You’ve been practising your crawling and you are getting around much quicker now. You have also started pulling up on things. I think our main focus this month will be baby proofing!!!

You said your first word on the 25th Sept and it was Dada. You also say Mumma and Daisy (one of our cats).

Our plans this month are to go swimming and to start going to a couple of baby groups.

I love you my darling


Dear Guinevere {8 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

Another month older! So much has happened this month. You now have 2 bottom teeth and you look so cute! You can now sit up for longer and you have started crawling! Blowing raspberries seems to be your favourite sound to make!

Dear Guinevere {8 Months}

Last week we went on our first family holiday to Padstow. We had such a great time. You experience the beach for the first time and also your first bus ride! We visited the Lost gardens of Heligan and we had lunch in Rick Stein’s cafe.


The Mud Maid – Lost Gardens of Heligan

We visited one of our favourite places – Tintagel. We had lunch in King Arthur’s Arms and sat in Guinevere’s lounge! We also went to visit Tintagel Castle (King Arthur’s castle). We wanted to get to the top but we couldn’t take the pushchair and it was a bit of a tricky walk. Maybe next time! We did manage to get a nice family picture with Merlin’s Cave in the background.

Family Picture - Merlin's Cave

Family Picture – Merlin’s Cave

Guinevere's Lounge

Guinevere’s Lounge

This month we have your Christening coming up and our house move! I hoping the house move isn’t too stressful!

Here’s to another wonderful month

I love you my darling

Mummy xxx

Dear Guinevere {7 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

Happy 7 months poppet!

Guinevere 7 Months

This month we have had a few social outings which you have loved. BBQs and seeing friends. We have a big family Jamaican party tomorrow too!

This week your first tooth finally popped through!!!! Hooray! You are also getting better at sitting, you can managed a couple of seconds before you fall over!

You have also started clapping, it’s wonderful to see.

We both had a stinky cold last week. It was pretty hard looking after a baby when all I wanted to do was crash out on the sofa! You are still getting over your cold, lots of snot around!!!!

Baby led weaning is going great. You are much more interested in chewing food. Your favourites at the moment seem to be broccoli and green beans.

Next month we have lots of exciting things going on: our family holiday, your Christening and moving house!!

I love you my Darling



Dear Guinevere {6 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

Happy half birthday! It’s been a whole 6 months already.

Dear Guinevere {6 Months}


We have been doing lots of playing on the floor so you can practice rolling around and we have also been practicing sitting up. Not quite managed it yet!

On Sunday we started with your first ever food! Avocado, sweet potato and banana. We are following the baby led weaning method. You did put some in your mouth but it will take lots of practice and mess!!! Fun times ahead!

Sleeping has gotten much better. The past week (except last night) you did a 5.5 hour stretch! Then a 2.5 hour. You have been taking more milk at each feed so maybe you are getting ready to sleep through longer. You also have become a tummy sleeper. You never sleep on your back anymore.

I’ve completely stopped pumping now. It’s bittersweet. I’m so happy I’m not attached to that pump all day but I’m sad that you don’t get anymore breastmilk (except our middle of the night feed). But it was definitely the right thing to do. We can actually get out the house now!

We’ll be getting you weighed tomorrow so I’m hoping you’ve put on a good amount.

I’m trying to get back into a more healthier routine. So far I’ve struggled to fit in any exercise. So I need to look at our routine and fit in in somewhere.

Looking forward to lots more fun this month.

Love you my darling

Mummy xx

Dear Guinevere {5 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

You are 5 months old today. It only seems like yesterday I was writing your 4 month update!

Dear Guinevere {5 Months}

So this month lots of changes. You can roll over both ways. We call you scooter as you scoot upwards with your head. So cute.

So much baby talk and babbles. We laugh so much when we hear you in the back of the car or first thing in the morning. Such a little chatterbox. You love blowing raspberries and this week you have started sucking your feet!

We have started putting you in your cot for naps, soon we will start the process of having you sleep in there at night time. It makes me sad 🙁 But Daddy is a snore beast and you keep getting disturbed at night.

You slept through the night for one night while we were away for the weekend. Mummy couldn’t enjoy it though as the bed we were sleeping in might has well been made of nails. So uncomfortable. You’ve not slept through since. Although it seems like the holy grail to have you sleep through the night it would then mean I miss out the only time I get to breastfeed you. Due to feeding issues it’s the only time we get to do it.

Talking of feeding; I’ve been reducing the pumping sessions. I’ve been struggling to fit it in and it has meant we have missed going out and about and also means less cuddle time. My supply has also been dropping which meant I had to supplement with formula anyway. I managed it for 5 months. So much respect to Mums who exclusively pump. It is so hard. I’m upset that I couldn’t give you breast milk for a year, that was my plan with breastfeeding but things didn’t work out how I planned. You are happy and healthy and that is the main thing.

Our first little trip away as a family was a nice break away. It did give us an idea of things we do and don’t need to take. We definitely need to buy a roof box….. Looking forward to our proper family holiday in September now 🙂

So with me dropping some of my pumps I’m planning to do some little trips out with you. Maybe go and see your Auntie Lydia in Worcester 🙂 Or a couple of picnics when the sun is out.

I love you my darling

Mummy xx

Dear Guinevere {4 Months}

Dear Guinevere,

Wow! 4 months! I can’t believe it. Looking back at pictures of when you were first born I can see how much you have grown. Daddy and I were putting some of your old clothes in storage bags last night. Some of your clothes were so tiny!

Dear Guinevere {4 Month}

You’ve had a cold this week and you have started teething. It’s been really tough for you the past few days. Your rosy red cheeks, frustrated face and constant chewing on things. They weren’t joking about teething being a nightmare!

You weigh 11lb 5oz. and your weight gain is back on track. I’ve still been keeping up with the exclusive pumping as you still struggle to breastfeed. It’s tough and sometimes it drives me crazy but I want you to have as much breastmilk as possible.

You are still so close to giggling, it’s not quite there yet. Same with rolling over, so close!!! Your grabbing skills are fabulous now. You hardly ever miss and most of the time you put it straight in your mouth!

This weekend I am going on one of my best friends hen weekends. It is going to be the first time I’ve been away from your for more than a few hours. I’m going to miss you so much! I know you will be fine with Daddy and I really am looking forward to a bit of “me time”.

Yesterday (13th) was a year to the day I found out I was pregnant with you. That was the start of the most amazing journey. I just love being your Mummy.

I need to get back to filming my vlogs. I totally missed your 3 month update so I’ll have to just move onto the 4 month up. The pumping eats up a fair bit of my time. Next week I’ll try to get it filmed!

We also have our first family trip coming up in a couple of weeks. We have a 4 day weekend in Sherwood Forest for Ben & Vicky’s wedding. We have booked a little lodge and I can’t wait for us to have a lovely weekend.

Love you millions my darling

Mummy xx